I’m Fighting Floyd Mayweather This Week

Publisert 1. juni. 2021
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I’m a 26 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


  • Idc what people say about him. He said he would fight Floyd, and he did. "Oh Floyd could've crushed him if he wanted" Yupp. Just like I would crush you in any sport or video game you've ever played. Why? Because I'm a fucking monster. You're a newbie. Of course imma beat your ass BUT.. if you show up and make me actually try.. put me on my ass a couple times, I would respect you. Because you came.into the game new, and you're learning. Jus like Logan. Give him a couple years.. I promise you he will be better than anyone imagined

  • Why do you fight people kid why

  • 👈👈👈👈Hello 👈👈👈👈

  • 👈👈👈Assalomu alaykum ! Azizlar man yangi blogirman meni qo‘llab quvvatlash kerag akalar 👈👈👈

  • your shoeshine punches are amazing. lol

  • And yet the fight has let people down

  • I just watched a repeat of this fight on showtime, on demand. I have to say it straight up sucked, perhaps the worst fight I have ever seen. You didn’t box Floyd, you just smothered him in the clinch when he got close enough to land. Why didn’t you train clinching exclusively, it is all you did? There was zero offense from you, other than the spaz flurry at the end of round 1, where not one punch landed. I feel sorry for anyone shelling out $ for this hype show cash grab.

  • So when the roy Jones or Mike Tyson fight!?

  • GGG 🇰🇿Logan

    • Respect to Floyd for going into the ring and surviving 8 rounds

  • just watched the fight, Logan’s honestly insane. Like for his second or third fight he’s really good.

  • Yo this background music hard

  • Logan you should make videos of you going other countries Nd giving to the poor making peoples dreams come true .. you have all the resources

  • You got destroyed lmao

  • O-2

  • Well inspirational ;-)

  • Aghhhhh

  • look at the power behind them punches

  • which polar heart rate monitor is that?!

  • i cant stop watchinng this even after the fight

  • My step dad can kick your @$$ any day

  • A lot of people keep saying you'll hug him the whole match... *Agreeable, have a great match!* Try kissing him btw

  • Hey Logan Paul I dare you to fight with Ryan Garcia in Your ring let's see who's better Ryan Garcia or you

  • Respect to Floyd for going into the ring and surviving 8 rounds

  • you can change the title now...

  • Fight was rigggggggged

  • Helo logan enes batur

  • Don’t be embarrassed you could’ve just asked for a hug

  • It was really good fight in my opinion!

    • finally somone with a brain, it really was

  • Fight the Rock

  • The fact that Floyd Mayweather once went to WWE to challenge Big Show!!

  • Logan Paul fink's that he can beet everyone at boxing but if he comes here we're I live in luanda he's gonna get bashed

  • Just a drama

  • Boring you losses

  • What happened to Shannon Briggs

  • He racist he only fights black ppl

  • Fight Bryce 🤭😂😂


  • And yet the fight has let people down


  • "Im having a hugging contest with floyd mayweather"

  • Whose here after the fight delete this man🥴🤦🌃🌃

  • "FIGHT"

    • Mayweather won, but you did great for the first big time fight 💯👌 Showing everyone that we can do anything & you don't have to be famous!! 💯💯

  • I miss the old jake and Lagan 😭😭🥺

  • dang bro YOU FIT

    • lets go logan

  • Alt title: I'm gonna get fucked by Mayweather

  • Check out my Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Parody 😂🔥ITS A BANGER AND BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL FIGHT

  • Floyd just need more rounds. The 12 round fight you would’ve been on your back.

  • The only thing these guys heard after the "fight" was the money counter machine goin BRRrrrRRRRrrrrrrr

  • we all know that Logan is gonna win fam.

  • Man logan has matured alot since i last watched him

  • Logan cuando llegas a plaza de norte

  • Come on JAKE you are a man

  • hug

  • What about Conor McGregor next???

  • I wasn't rooting for you, But I will give you props when it is deserved! 💯🤘💪 Good fight! You definitely stayed true to your word, so did Mayweather.. according to the stats Mayweather won, but you did great for the first big time fight 💯👌 Showing everyone that we can do anything & you don't have to be famous!! 💯💯

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  • lets go logan

  • He don't even have to win. He already took a W to step in a ring with a legend

  • Cheguei 🇧🇷

  • I want to see Logan paul please i want to see🙏🤘love u brother

  • What a rip off

  • @Logan. Could you help this soldier out with some Pokémon cards. Help me out brother. Want to leave the military and just trade Pokémon cards after 7 years of going overseas and deploying missing time with my kids. My kids love you and your brother. They told me that you would bless us and help us with some cards to trade to make money to get me to be able to retire and be home with them more as they grow up instead of always working. I asked why they thought that. They said cause your a good person. Please hit me up brother. Thanks. God Bless.

    • He get fucked up

  • Wtfff

  • Só time Logan paul

  • I wunna see logan vs jake so bad

  • He actually survived the fight. Epic.

  • Man... He should have joined the ufc

  • Ibra MMA

  • Respect to Floyd for going into the ring and surviving 8 rounds

  • Different Between Talent vs What you like

  • “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'”Muhammad ali


  • He should fight cro cop

  • More like hugging Floy Mayweather this week

  • 8 rounds of grab ass...

  • Maybe pokemons can help him along with hardwork. Good luck buddy!😁😁

  • He get fucked up

  • He is nothing

  • You can win him

  • I love you Logan paul

  • Training ur whole life to get a hug

  • All this just to hug him the whole match

  • Alternate title: I’m giving Floyd Mayweather lovely hugs this week

  • This comment is not related though, but I think it will serve its purpose. If you are in need of a hacker, I’ve got a legit one

  • VS Canelo 😉

  • Buffone!! Anch’io ti buttavo giù !! Tutto organizzato !!! Poteva essere ko alla 1 ripresa se voleva

  • And lost, are you done now? Or do you need another embarrassment added to you list? Once it’s over with I’m gonna make a video showing all your biggest fails including all of these videos thinking you were gonna do something 😂😂😂😂

  • Ur in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😱

  • You got knocked the f out

  • Good luck brother

  • This looks like an actual movie trailer... insane editing!

    • But the fight was ass and so was Logan

  • Logan focus on funny videos 📹not on boxing

  • lets get it

  • Plot twist , all was a show 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Legalized robbery….man I wish Logan would have knocked that jabroni out. We all knew what MW was capable of tho…

  • Brokeback mountain 2

  • Bwhahahaha! Logan got Knocked Out and is trying to spin it like a liberal soyboy.

  • Lol u lost

  • Questo ci muore,,,💐

  • U got it brrrrooooo